The Mary Kay Opportunity

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Dacia started her MK journey by just sprinkling it into her everyday life. She was shy, but didn't want to miss the boat. After working 6-8 hours a week for 3 months, she earned her first car. Listen how Dacia has used this opportunity to have the ability to be home with her children and have the flexibility.



See how Roya thought THE OPPORTUNITY was too good to be true and then made a decision to become a beauty consultant based on her vision, not her circumstances.


Kathy's story is one of overcoming many life challenges and she tells of how this OPPORTUNITY changed her life.  Kathy's journey began when she won her Mary Kay products on The Price is Right!


Gloria's story is MAGICAL!  See how coming from the corporate world and into the world of Mary Kay not only changed her life but so many other women's lives. 


Listen how Mary Kay Women in America are a bright spot in a bleak economy and how they fight to restore opportunity.

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