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Step 1- Let's Get Started  

  • Download Voxer & send me a message

        Voxer ID: stephaniearbaugh



Event Headers for FB (6).png

Join The Gathering on Tuesday Nights at

530pm PT on Zoom

for Recognition & your New Consultant Gathering

1. Set your Launch Dates with me

2. Invite Using the Script:

(Boards link:

Link to Scripts in Spanish: 

Hey ____! How are you? 💋 I hope you're awesome! So I just started teaching skincare w/ Mary Kay. I'm super excited and a little nervous and I was wondering if I could borrow your face to practice? 😂 You'll get a spa packet of samples to use as well so it's super relaxing and fun. Can you help me practice? 🙌💖


Once she says yes offer her your two launch dates to choose from.

If she can't do either pick another date from the spreadsheet for her.

Check the Spreadsheet for dates and times. 

Once you have the date/time picked:


Thank you so much! Be on the lookout for your spa packet. It's a pink envelope from my mentor Stephanie. And can you watch this quick video and fill out this form? You get entered to win $100 in cash and it helps me with training. 💖

Text her the link once she says yes.

If she can't join right now. 

Totally ok! Could you watch a quick video and fill out a form for me instead? You get entered to win $100 in cash and it helps me with training. 💖

Text her the link once she says yes.

3. RSVP your guests:


1) Name
2) Phone Number
3) FULL Mailing Address
(please check this on google to make sure its correct.)


Enter their info on the correct date here

(there are tabs to find the dates)

RSVP Spreadsheet









4. Turn her into more faces

Script: Thank you again so much (insert her first name)! My goal is actually to bless 30 women in my first 30 days. Who would you like to invite and gift with the free spa packet? They can be anywhere in the US and you actually earn some free goodies for helping me with my goal!

  • Once she says yes she will invite people, tell her that you will send her the words to invite and that when she has 6 or more people she can earn up to 50% off anything she falls in love with! 

Script for HER to send HER guests:
Here are the invite words to send to your family & friends: Hey hey ___ 😀 I hope you are doing well with all the craziness! My friend and MK Consultant is having an online virtual spa sesh with me! She is mailing (free of charge when you participate LIVE on the zoom) a fun spa kit to use as we all jump on virtually and do it together! It's going to be fun & relaxing! I am doing it ____ @___! Want to join and be my guest?


  • Then tell her you need the same info for each person in the next 24 hours to ensure they will receive their packet in time!


  • If you don't get the guest information in 24 hours, make sure to follow up with HER and say:

Script: Thank you again SOO much for inviting your loved ones! Did you have a chance to invite them & grab their info so we can mail the spa packet out?

Grow to even More

Step 2 - Get  Connected

  • Friend me on Facebook

  • Upload a picture of you that you love

  • Join the Facebook Group

Cute Blush Pink Style Instagram Post.png

Join Thrive: 4 Weeks to build your dream life and business.​

Tuesdays at 6:30pm PT/AZ

Step 3 - Dream

Audio Training: My Mary Kay Dream


To Do:

1. Dream

2. Dream a Little Bigger 

3. Find a picture that represents your dream & Vox it to me

4. Determine how much your dream costs

5. Get your business plan from me


Step 4 - Bonuses!


Click to watch the video 

To Do:

1. Take the product options survey &

Vox me a pic

Step 5 - Coach the Party

Coaching the appointment means that you are putting insurance on them attending & it helps your people to be prepared, feel loved, and keeps them excited!

You will want to follow up and use the following 2 messages:


  • Coaching Text #1 (send this out 3 days before the event)

Hello ___ 😍 Thank you again for supporting me and letting me borrow your beautiful face! Can't wait for (insert date & time)! Have you received your spa packet yet? Also we will be using ZOOM. Just download the app or you can go to and input the ZOOM ID that I will send you tomorrow 😍

If not, don't stress- it is on the way! Tell her not to worry, its on the way to and to please text you as soon as she receives it!

  • Coaching Text #2 (send this out the day before if Saturday morning or the morning or afternoon of if a weeknight)

Can't wait to pamper you tonight/tomorrow!  We will start right at  (insert time)am Pacific but the Zoom waiting room will be live at (insert 10 minutes before start time) so you can situate all your technology! Have your spa packet, a pen, and either set up in your bathroom or have a bowl of water and a mirror at a table. If for some reason you cannot be on, please text me to reschedule since I mailed you the packet The ZOOM ID is 787 543 8203 can't wait!! Any questions? 😍

THE ABOVE ZOOM LINK IS NOT THE ONE FOR THE PARTY. Check the spreadsheet for the correct one for that day. 

Tracking Sheet for Faces

Copy of 30 Faces  30 Days Tracking Sheets.png

More detailed version:

Click the Image for a printable PDF

or this link for a google sheet



Party Prep

Have the Virtual Party Outline open to "When you call her or in the breakout room" to follow along with this video. 

You will need to prepare in a few ways before the appointment:


  •  You will be CLOSING each person after the spa session. This is something that we do RIGHT after within first 24 hours! 

  • Find out if your first 1-3 closings are with Stephanie or your recruiter and schedule those with them. The rest you will schedule when works for you. 

  • Use this script to book them
    Thank you so much for helping me practice! 🥰 For the second part of it we chat on zoom for a few minutes so I can practice answering questions and getting your opinion. That way when I am at my own parties I don't totally freeze. 😂 So would you prefer Thursday after the session or Friday?


  • Schedule their times here:
    Stephanie's Schedule

What is a closing? It is a private conversation where we:
A) Get their opinion of the product/event

B) Give them one on one personal touch by answering any questions that they have about their skin etc

C) Close the Sale

D) Book their 2nd appointment

E) Invite them to the After Party

Step 6  - After Zoom

Product on the Shelf - Stephanie Arbaugh
00:00 / 00:00

What to do after a party...

Hostess Info


Script to send with the photo

(Boards Link:

Hey Susie! So excited to see you 3/15 at 6pm! Here are all the ways you can get free product! To max it out you can invite 10-15 so 6-10 show up. I just need their name, address, & cell by Friday. Can't wait to see you all!

CDS Program.jpg

How to ship directly to your customer (CDS)

Guest Texts for Parties with a Hostess

(Boards Link:


under texts so my office doesn't send the exact same ones. 

As soon as she sends you the list

Hey (name)! Susie said you are joining us for her beauty sesh. I am so excited to meet you! I had a few questions about your skin to customize everything. Just wanted to make sure I had the right number before I sent them. ❤️- (YOUR NAME) w/ MK

When she says it's her

Yay! So my questions are...

1. Is your skin more normal to dry or combo to oily?

2. Is there anything you are wanting to change or improve in your skin?

3. Do you have any allergies or things I need to know?

Depending on her response you might say

Got it. We can work on all of those! 😊 I'll get your packet right out and see you on date/time


Send 3-5 days before the session

Excited to see you on Thursday at 6pm AZ/PT for Susie's Beauty Sesh! I will send out a zoom link later this week! Btw... If you'd like a fun free gift watch this video about our company & text me the password. ❤️- (YOUR NAME) w/ MK


Send the day of for evening sessions and the day before for morning sessions

Happy Thursday! Today is the day!!🎉 Thank you for being live on Susie's Beauty Sesh! She's excited to see you and to earn free product! It's at 6pm AZ/PT. This is the link to join (insert the correct zoom link). If you have never used zoom you will just need to download the free app or use your computer. You'll need your packet, a mirror, wet wash cloth and a pen. See you at 6pm! 😊 -(YOUR NAME) w/ MK

To the Hostess

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is the day!!🎉 Thank you for hosting a live Beauty Sesh! It's at 10am AZ/PT. This is the link to join. (insert the correct zoom link). Also bring. your packet, a mirror, wet wash cloth and a pen. See you at 10am! 😊 -(YOUR NAME) w/ MK

money management.jpeg

Money Management Spreadsheet

Edit the sales tax % to be for your zip code

Step 7  - Ways  to Win!


Pearls Earrings

5 After Party Guests

Pearls Bracelet

5 After Party Guests

Pearls Necklace

5 After Party Guests

Step 8  - Free Bonuses & Moving Up!

Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 11.38.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 11.39.19 AM.png
Jacket 1 Transp.png
Jacket 3 Transp.png
Jacket 2 Transp.png
Image-1 (4).jpg

Step 9  - Social Strategy

Your Social Strategy


To Do:

1. Find the Facebook Group that I created for you

2. Start inviting everyone you know to get to 50 Members right away


Earn your MK Sunglasses when you complete all the steps in the MKU!

Start the 10 days post in your customer group!

Tech Tip: You can schedule them all at once to go out over the next 10 days.


Click the image for all the posts or find them in the Brave Unit Facebook Group


Step 10  - Next Step Training

New Consultant Masterclass

Choose the Masterclass Option from the Education Tab to go to the training!

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